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For those designing or retrofitting filtration systems, here are four pipe run tables courtesy of the Plastics Pipe Institute, as per Q&A # 84)

By Bryan Bateman

By Bob Brudd - Koi Appreciation and the All Japan Koi Show

- reprinted with permission from Water Gardening Magazine

By Ray Jordan

By Mike Nowak of WGN Radio's "Let's Talk Gardening", with his kind permission: I'm Not Really a Garden Expert, I Just Play One on the Radio: Selected Websites and Books

By Bob Passovoy

By Pete Ponzio -

By Bill Reid -
Design for a Sturdy Pond Cover
Good for smaller ponds, a wooden beam gives PVC ribs the strength to stand up under wet snow.

By Mike White - The Ins And Outs Of Koi Pond Building
A professional's discussion of the most important considerations of design and maintenance.

Ornamental Fish Health Newsletter 3:1, by Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan, DVM - KHV and SCVC

Ron Weynschenk's Letter, July 5

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