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The Midwest Pond & Koi Society has a large amount of books, magazines, videos and other materials available for members to borrow.  Our Librarian is Pam Ragsdale, who can be contacted via e–mail at mpkslibrarian@aol.com .

Listed below are links to current listings of the books, magazines and videos in the club library.  There are also issues of newsletters from other clubs on file (contact Pam for a complete listing).

Book Reviews
Videos Books and PeriodicalsMagazines

You can request literature by calling or sending an e-mail to Pam prior to club meetings each month.  She will then bring the items to the next meeting for you.  You will be asked to complete a request form in order to keep track of who has which items.

Club members are responsible for replacement costs of lost or damaged materials while the items are in their possession.

Materials on loan are expected to be returned at the next club meeting or sent back to the librarian in advance of the meeting.  If more time is required, an additional two weeks can be granted as long as no one else has requested the same material.  All extension requests should be directed to Pam Ragsdale prior to the next meeting.

Return postage (if materials are returned through the mail) is the responsibility of the club member.  Contributions to the club library are greatly appreciated.

The library is a resource to all members, so please feel free to use it.  We will publish additions to the library as we receive them.

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