2016 MPKS Tosai Auction

Announcing the 2016 MPKS Tosai Auction

Tosai koi 2

One-year-old Tosai for Auction

nisai koi

Two-year-old Nisai for auction

With less than three weeks remaining before the MPKS Spring Koi auction, it’s decision time: How will we make room for some of those pretty little Tosai (one-year-old) koi that will be auctioned off two weeks later, on June 4th? By bringing some of your extra koi to the May 22nd Auction that’s how! These two events coordinate nicely together for our members who are always looking for something new and different to add to their collections.

This popular members-only event will once again be hosted by Bay and Bry Bateman at their home and ponds in Clarendon Hills.


(Not a member? You can join right at the event! Please come!)

This years’ collection is promising to be our best yet, featuring a newly arrived group of 17 Japanese imported Tosai selected from Kevin Pham of Genki Koi in California (picture below). In addition, we have 20 hold-overs from last year, including some excellent longfins, metallic, and doitsu koi. These koi had experienced some fin damage (now completely healed) in transport so were kept in our ponds for an extra year, making them technically “nisai” (two-year-old) koi. Rounding out the collection will be approximately 20 more Tosai to be hand selected by Bay and Bry at Koi Acres, from Devin Swansons’ recent buying trip to Japan. With close to 60 koi to choose from, there should be something for everyone!

Our club President, Dr. Bob Passovoy, an accomplished amateur auctioneer, will be presiding over the festivities, with Bryan Bateman, an AKJA Senior Certified Judge, acting as ‘color commentator’, providing background information on each koi. A complimentary light lunch will be served prior to the auction. It is sure to be an educational as well as an enjoyable afternoon and we hope to see many of you there!


Where: Bay and Bryan Batemans’ home, 245 Middaugh Rd., Clarendon Hills, 60514 (please park on the East or South sides of the streets).

Saturday, June 4, 2016. Check-in begins at 10:00 am, light lunch and refreshments to be served at 11:00 am, bidding to begin at noon.

Tosai Auction Update from Bryan (on 5/16/16) – New koi just in from Koi Acres!

The 2016 MPKS Tosai collection is now complete.  After a chilly but sunny weekend at Koi Acres in Scandia, Mn, we are happy to announce that we have selected the final group of baby koi for our June 4th members-only auction.  We now have close to 60 Japanese Tosai (one-year-old) and Nisai (two-year-old) koi for members to bid on at this always fun and exciting annual club event.

We couldn’t resist taking a few photos of the new arrivals before releasing them into the quarantine tank.  In addition to a group photo, we have pictures of some very interesting and unusual koi we thought you might enjoy seeing (and considering bidding on!).


Beni Kumonryu from Koi Acres


Kikusui from Koi Acres

The Beni Kumonryu (picture A) is a striking example of the popular doitsu (scaleless) black , red, and white koi, with each color vividly displayed in a broad banded effect.  Picture B is a very ‘artsy’ patterned Kikusui, with an attractive and unusual row of diamond scales along the dorsal fin.  This one is sure to stand out in any pond!


Showa (left) and Beret Tancho Gin Rin Goshiki from Koi Acres

Picture C shows a pair of koi that really caught our eye.   The one of the left (a little out of focus – sorry!) is a Showa, one of the nicest Tosai Showa we have seen, with a very clean and well-balanced pattern, and a potential to grow into a show-quality koi.  The one on the right is a “Beret Tancho Gin Rin Goshiki” (I think??)  Whatever the name, it is probably the most sparkly little koi that I’ve ever seen.   Wait until you see this one in the sunlight!


Group from Koi Acres

We feel that this is the best collection of Tosai koi that we have ever seen for our auction, and for those who may be interested in slightly larger more mature koi, the Nisai koi (which group includes a few butterfly koi) are pretty darned nice also.   So save your nickels and dimes and cross your fingers for some great weather, and come to our 2016 Tosai auction on 4th of June – hope to see you then!


What is a Tosai? A one-year-old Koi
Who can bid? MPKS members
Can I become a MPKS member at the event? YES! This is a perfect time to join us.
Will I need to bring my own bags or oxygen? MPKS will supply the bags and oxygen to get your new babies home.
Will I need to quarantine since Bryan has kept the fish for a long time?  The answer is always–you should quarantine any fish or plant new to your system for the specified time. Your system and your mix of bugs is unique from any other. Article on quarantine by Bryan Bateman (If you ask any doctor if you really need to go to the emergency room, they all say Yes.)