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Directions to The MAX avoid traffic (2016 show)

What Google Maps, MapQuest, or your car’s navigational GPS don’t tell you!

Admittedly Google Maps, MapQuest, or your car’s navigation GPS will provide you with accurate direct routes to the MPKS Koi Show at the MAX Conference Center, 4750 Vernon Avenue in McCook, Illinois. However, accurate direct routes don’t take into account existing local traveling and traffic impediments. If you want to avoid road construction projects and railroad crossings in the area that can cause significant traffic delays, you might want to take one of the local area routes we suggest to bypass these potentially frustrating traveling impediments. We have provided maps for three local street intersections as area starting points with directions to the MPKS Koi Show site.

Getting to any of the three area starting intersection points is best left for you, depending upon your departure location and route preferences you may have. To assist you, we provide you with a set of various maps. Map #1 provides a Metropolitan Chicago area view of major arterial Interstate Highways to orient you to the general location of the three Intersection starting points and their relationship to the McCook Koi Show site and it. Map #2 provides a more closeup view of the area encompassed by the three localized “starting points. Maps X1, X2, and X3 are also included for providing a more closeup detailed view specific to each “starting intersection” point. Map #4 provides a closeup aerial photo of the Conference site, including parking area and access door location.

Map #1: Provides a general directional overview and location orientation. Each of the initial local area intersection “Starting Points” has a large encircled red “X” to mark its location in reference to the McCook Koi Show site. In general, take whatever route from your departure location you already know or research to find out which best leads you to one of the following three targeted “Area Starting Intersections.”

Coming from the West, Northwest, or Northeast– Map Intersection Circle X1
Intersection of La Grange Rd. (Rte 45) & Ogden Ave. (Rte. 34)

From the East or Southeast – Map Intersection Circle X2
Intersection of Harlem Ave. (Rte. 43) & Ogden Ave. (Rte. 34)

From the South or Southwest – Map Circle Intersection X3
Intersection of La Grange Rd. (Rte 45) & 55th Street

If you would like, use these intersections in your GPS
and then utilize Map #2 for a visual of the preferred final routes.

Map #2: Provides a more detailed closeup, to assist in locating and traveling to the three local area starting intersection points, by supplying labeled street identifications and prominent red directional arrows. (The solid-line arrows indicate recommended routes while broken-line arrows optional alternate routes). This map is only a prelude to choosing the particular detail map from the following three offered, each which appropriately targets the best route directions from one the preferred local area starting intersections to the MKS Koi Show site in McCook.

If you prefer, step-by-step instructions for each of these three routes follow

Map X1, Map X2, Map X3:  Each of these is a detail map and specific routing directions from one of the recommended local area starting intersections that avoid traffic, road construction, and railroad delays as well as safest stoplight controlled access to 47th Street in the proximity of the MAX Convention Center. Choose the particular map based upon your preference based on prior knowledge or diligent research.

If you need to know, where to park and enter the building

Map #4: Provides a GPS Aerial Layout view of the Koi Show Site, labeling the parking area, the specific access entrance, etc.

Created by John Norton.