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Be an Exhibitor at the 2017 Trade Show


We are pleased to invite you to be an exhibitor at our 25th annual combined koi and trade show!

This year we are holding our show on June 23rd through the 25th.

We will be at the same great venue as last year this year. We will be at the MAX Exposition hall in McCook, IL.  We will have room for a few more booth spaces than past years, but expect the spaces to go quickly.

Trade show

Looking at the Vats

We usually attract 1100 to 1200 visitors to our show. They are mostly people interested in water gardening, ponds, water features, and gardening and outdoor living in general.  We expect this year’s show to be even bigger and better for several reasons!  It is our 25th annual koi show.  This year the national association of koi judges will be having their annual meeting in conjunction with our koi and trade show, so about 20 of the nation’s top koi experts will be on hand. We have a committee formed solely to promote our show through printed materials, as well as social media, etc.

We would like to have you join us as an exhibitor!

Fill out the 2017 trade show booth reservation.  Download the 2017 KOI SHOW RULES. If you are an exhibitor who sells live koi, you may want to reserve a 2017 Koi Show Vat. While koi dealers are prohibited from exhibiting in the koi show, many times visitors purchase koi and would like to enter them into the competition. If the dealer has a vat reserved, this is possible without concerns of mixing koi from different sources without quarantine, etc. If you are interested, a form for show vat rental is attached.  Also, we offer several other opportunities to help offset the cost of putting on our show and promote our hobby. You will find a form attached where you can sponsor one or more of the awards given to the winners of the koi show. We also have a large raffle table near the club table at the entrance to the show. If you are able to contribute items for the raffle, please contact . You will also find a form attached to reserve seats at awards banquet, this is a great informal place to meet and great with our members. You are all welcome to join us!

If you order items on more than one form, you can make your total payment with one check made payable to MPKS.

Space will be reserved on a first come first served basis.

If you are an out of town exhibitor, and need to ship items for your booth in advance (NO fish or live goods!) please contact me at the email address below.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Bruce Zierk

MPKS trade show chair.

Have your pond on the 2017 Pond Tour

We would LOVE to have your pond on the tour this year, especially if you haven’t done it  recently!

It’s a fun way to show off your pond, socialize with fellow ponders, and it’s a fund raiser for the club. Participants also receive credit towards the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.

The dates this year are July 22nd for the North/Northwest region, July 23rd for the Central region, July 29th for the Southwest/West region, and July 30th for the South region.

Sign up by April 1st so that maps may be printed and distributed to the vendors who sell them for the club as early as possible in the season. To sign up for the tour, please email or mail (P.O. Box 3011 Lisle, IL 60532).


Please include the following information about your pond.

Name, Address, City, State, Zip, and Phone number.

Brief Description of Pond and Yard: (include size, age, unique pond/yard features and any evening hours)

Directions to your house: (From 2 nearest major intersections)

If you would like to use a previous year’s description, just email that instead.


2016 Koi Auction Info and Rules

Koi Auction on the Club Calendar

Download the PDF

Volunteer sign-up

  • 12 for setup
  • 12 for tear-down and fish distribution
  • 4 fish carriers
  • 4 paperwork folks
  • 2 KHA people and 1 goldfish pro for fish health inspection.

Fill in this form at the bottom of the page to volunteer


Setup: 10:30 AM
Check-in and fish health evaluation: 11:30 AM
Auction: 1 PM

  • No latecomers. All fish must be checked in by 12:30 PM.
  • No early checkouts: checkout will begin at 3:00 PM.
  • The club takes 25% of the sales to cover the costs of the event

For Sellers – Organization of Auction Lots:

  • Sellers will be assigned a letter for each 6 fish they bring.
  • If they have more than 6 fish, they will get another letter.
  • Sellers will number their own fish, to choose the order in which they are sold. For example, if you are assigned the letter G, you will mark your fish as G-1, G-2, G-3, etc.
  • Fish will be auctioned by number and in order: A -1, B-1, C-1, then A-2, B-2, C-2, etc.


  • Because of the prevalence of the Koi Herpes Virus, the Club cannot be held responsible for any problems you have with the fish from this auction.
  • Read these articles on KHV and Quarantine, then read all Da Rules. They are for your own protection.
  • Payment is by cash or check only.
  • Sign up for your bidder number before the auction begins – 11:00AM to noon.
  • Bring large cardboard boxes or picnic coolers to transport your new fish.
  • If the weather is hot, consider wrapping a freezer pack in a towel and putting it in the bottom of the box. Don’t put the fish in your trunk!
  • To prevent injury, align your fish so they travel facing the sides of your car, not the front or back.
  • Float your fish in your quarantine area until the water in the bag is the same temperature as the water outside. This usually takes about twenty minutes. Don’t try to speed this process by adding outside water to the bag.
  • Free the fish, then discard the water in the bag well away from your pond or other fish habitats.

Fish Auction Rules:

  • Anyone may bid on fish, but sellers must be Club members. You may join at the auction if you wish. Yes, we can sign you up on the spot, but dues must be paid before fish will be inspected for sale. (Professional dealers with store stock may not sell.)
  • Please stop feeding your sale fish a week before the auction! They will not be hurt by fasting, and they will travel much better on an empty stomach. Remember: Fish Don’t Wear Diapers.
  • All fish must be free of any appearance of damage or disease.– A Club expert will examine every fish at sign-in.– Any fish that flunks examination will not be auctioned.– The seller may agree to sell the fish to a buyer without going through the auction, if the buyer is willing to accept the risk.
  • All fish should be bagged and transported according to the instructions here. Please double-bag and use oxygen where possible, and bring extra bags and rubber bands in case you have a leak.
  • Cash or credit cards. No checks, sorry.

Silent Auction Rules:

  1. There are no exceptions to the rules.
  2. Any item brought for silent auction must be pond-related. This is not a flea market. Plants are not permissible. Fish will be entered in the voice auction only. Do not bring livestock to the Silent Auction. The auctioneer will not be kind. He will use sarcasm and irony.
  3. Items brought for auction will be checked in with auction staff for entry on a control sheet, after which bid tickets will be issued. No direct sales please.
  4. Each item will be displayed with the bid ticket prominently displayed. A minimum bid will be entered on each bid sheet, along with a very brief description of the item or items. Some items may consist of a single bidding group.
  5. Bids may be written on the sheets from the time they are displayed until the fish mid-auction break ends, signaling the end of the silent auction. The high bid on the sheet at that time wins the auction. Payment will be made to MPKS and the person bringing the item will be paid by check after the auction accounts have been finalized.
  6. Your bid on a sheet implies a contract to purchase. Do not scratch out or attempt to erase a bid. If you are not sure you want an item, do not bid.
  7. Up-bids will be made in one-dollar minimum increments. We will not be able to make change.
  8. All other auction rules published elsewhere apply.

Any disputes will be reviewed; the decision of the record keepers is final.

Whether you are buying, selling, or just helping out, we hope to see you there.
Questions can be directed to

Volunteer Registration Form

2016 MPKS Tosai Auction

Announcing the 2016 MPKS Tosai Auction

Tosai koi 2

One-year-old Tosai for Auction

nisai koi

Two-year-old Nisai for auction

With less than three weeks remaining before the MPKS Spring Koi auction, it’s decision time: How will we make room for some of those pretty little Tosai (one-year-old) koi that will be auctioned off two weeks later, on June 4th? By bringing some of your extra koi to the May 22nd Auction that’s how! These two events coordinate nicely together for our members who are always looking for something new and different to add to their collections.

This popular members-only event will once again be hosted by Bay and Bry Bateman at their home and ponds in Clarendon Hills.


(Not a member? You can join right at the event! Please come!)

This years’ collection is promising to be our best yet, featuring a newly arrived group of 17 Japanese imported Tosai selected from Kevin Pham of Genki Koi in California (picture below). In addition, we have 20 hold-overs from last year, including some excellent longfins, metallic, and doitsu koi. These koi had experienced some fin damage (now completely healed) in transport so were kept in our ponds for an extra year, making them technically “nisai” (two-year-old) koi. Rounding out the collection will be approximately 20 more Tosai to be hand selected by Bay and Bry at Koi Acres, from Devin Swansons’ recent buying trip to Japan. With close to 60 koi to choose from, there should be something for everyone!

Our club President, Dr. Bob Passovoy, an accomplished amateur auctioneer, will be presiding over the festivities, with Bryan Bateman, an AKJA Senior Certified Judge, acting as ‘color commentator’, providing background information on each koi. A complimentary light lunch will be served prior to the auction. It is sure to be an educational as well as an enjoyable afternoon and we hope to see many of you there!


Where: Bay and Bryan Batemans’ home, 245 Middaugh Rd., Clarendon Hills, 60514 (please park on the East or South sides of the streets).

Saturday, June 4, 2016. Check-in begins at 10:00 am, light lunch and refreshments to be served at 11:00 am, bidding to begin at noon.

Tosai Auction Update from Bryan (on 5/16/16) – New koi just in from Koi Acres!

The 2016 MPKS Tosai collection is now complete.  After a chilly but sunny weekend at Koi Acres in Scandia, Mn, we are happy to announce that we have selected the final group of baby koi for our June 4th members-only auction.  We now have close to 60 Japanese Tosai (one-year-old) and Nisai (two-year-old) koi for members to bid on at this always fun and exciting annual club event.

We couldn’t resist taking a few photos of the new arrivals before releasing them into the quarantine tank.  In addition to a group photo, we have pictures of some very interesting and unusual koi we thought you might enjoy seeing (and considering bidding on!).


Beni Kumonryu from Koi Acres


Kikusui from Koi Acres

The Beni Kumonryu (picture A) is a striking example of the popular doitsu (scaleless) black , red, and white koi, with each color vividly displayed in a broad banded effect.  Picture B is a very ‘artsy’ patterned Kikusui, with an attractive and unusual row of diamond scales along the dorsal fin.  This one is sure to stand out in any pond!


Showa (left) and Beret Tancho Gin Rin Goshiki from Koi Acres

Picture C shows a pair of koi that really caught our eye.   The one of the left (a little out of focus – sorry!) is a Showa, one of the nicest Tosai Showa we have seen, with a very clean and well-balanced pattern, and a potential to grow into a show-quality koi.  The one on the right is a “Beret Tancho Gin Rin Goshiki” (I think??)  Whatever the name, it is probably the most sparkly little koi that I’ve ever seen.   Wait until you see this one in the sunlight!


Group from Koi Acres

We feel that this is the best collection of Tosai koi that we have ever seen for our auction, and for those who may be interested in slightly larger more mature koi, the Nisai koi (which group includes a few butterfly koi) are pretty darned nice also.   So save your nickels and dimes and cross your fingers for some great weather, and come to our 2016 Tosai auction on 4th of June – hope to see you then!


What is a Tosai? A one-year-old Koi
Who can bid? MPKS members
Can I become a MPKS member at the event? YES! This is a perfect time to join us.
Will I need to bring my own bags or oxygen? MPKS will supply the bags and oxygen to get your new babies home.
Will I need to quarantine since Bryan has kept the fish for a long time?  The answer is always–you should quarantine any fish or plant new to your system for the specified time. Your system and your mix of bugs is unique from any other. Article on quarantine by Bryan Bateman (If you ask any doctor if you really need to go to the emergency room, they all say Yes.)

24th Annual MPKS Koi and Trade Show–2016

Announcing the 24th Annual MPKS Koi and Trade Show

Koi show listed in Events page


Show Hours:

Friday                  06/24/16    6:00 to 9:00

Saturday             06/25/16    9:00 to 5:00

Sunday                06/26/16    10:00 to 3:00

Local driving directions to avoid construction in the area

John Norton has taken the time to drive around the new facility and identified the best local routes to The MAX avoiding construction and other obstacles. See his local driving recommendations.

We are proud to announce our 24th Annual show to be held over the weekend of June 24 – 26, 2016. We will be hosting our show at The Max Athletic & Exposition, 4750 S. Vernon Ave., McCook, IL 60525. It is an air conditioned facility with plenty of room for show vats and vendor booths. If you have never shown fish before, or are a veteran koi show participant, we hope you will consider showing your koi this year. Dr. Passovoy and his water quality team (fondly referred to as the “water mopes”) will be assuring the best care of your koi while at our show, as they have done for many years now.

Seminar Presentations

On Saturday we will be presenting a program of speakers and topics of general interest to koi hobbyists.

  1. Koi and Aquaponics at 10:30 AM by Matt McCann of Quality Koi.
  2. Goldfish seminar at 1:30 PM by Mike Weynschenk of Southwest Koi

Special Awards

Again this year we will be presenting- Three Major Non-Gosanke Awards: The Sakura, Tsubaki, and Botan plus two new major Non-Gosanke Awards – Mature Champion B and Young Champion B.

Raffle with Two Special Fish

There are some great items on the raffle table including some silent auction items. There will also be two special fish raffled this year at 4:30 on Saturday.

The Absolute Best Way to Learn About Koi

On Sunday following the brief award ceremony at 10:00 AM, join the judges in a walk around the tanks. They explain what they saw and will answer your questions about any fish in the vats!


If you have further questions, please contact our Koi Show Chairman, John Hall (email:

We will, of course, need lots of volunteers to help with the show this year! We’ll be hiring part­time help to set up and break down vats – always a most difficult job – but will need lots of help with vendor booth set up, traffic control, filling the show vats, club table, show tear-down, etc. We are also asking for a few night-owls who would be willing to baby-sit the koi after the show closes until about 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.

We will have volunteer sign-up sheets available at the April and May dinner meeting, but you don’t have to wait until then to sign up. If you can help this year, please email to: what days your might be available to help.

We hope to see you at the show!

Download the Information Packet

Download the full information packet for Banquet and Vat reservation, Sponsor an Award, Show Schedule, Point system to determine the correct Vat loading. Update 6/10: Show vats are SOLD OUT. This is going to be exciting!

Exhibitor Information

We LOVE our exhibitors and welcome you join us and our approximately 1,200 visitors

Booth reservations are due April 15 with 50% deposit.

Download the Exhibitor booth reservation form; open in Adobe Reader, and then email a copy to Bruce at or by snail mail back to Bruce with your deposit.

View and print the Exhibitor Information PDF document.

2016 Pond Tour

MPKS Annual 2016 Garden & Pond Tour

July 23, 24, 30, 31

The Midwest Pond & Koi Society invites you to visit our member’s gardens and ponds. This year is our 26th year of MPKS members opening their backyards to the public. The dates are July 23rd, 24th, 30th, and 31st. The hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on each of the 4 days.

The Garden and Pond Tour is divided into regions to help minimize the travel time and increase your enjoyment of leisurely visiting the gardens and ponds. The Tour is self-guided, so you may pick and choose to visit one or all of the many beautiful gardens and ponds listed.

The four regions are:

  • Saturday July 23rd   South
  • Sunday   July 24th   North/Northwest
  • Saturday July 30th   Central
  • Sunday   July 31st   Southwest/West

For each region, there is a map(s) indicating all the participants in the region. Following the region map(s) is a descriptive narrative of each garden and pond. This includes the address and a description of the garden and pond, along with directions on how to get to the address.

The garden and pond tour maps are available for purchase at the vendors listed on the MPKS website. The cost is $15.00 per family and allows you to tour all four days.

Pond Tour Corrections and updates

New Directions for Map 6-B on page 28

Located on 71st street West of Cass Ave, East of Fairview Ave. Just before the 1st stop sign West of Cass or just after the 2nd stop sign East of Fairview ave.

About 2 miles east of pond book directions and it is not a straight shot due to blockage west of Main St – Lemont rd. From Main St–Lemont Rd go East on Claremont Ave which turns into 71stat Fairview Ave, proceed East.

Corrections for North Map:

The descriptions for point 2D and 2E are reversed from the actual points on the map.

2D is missing the last line of directions:

on to Butterfield Rd; proceed to Virginia and turn right (west) to second street (.2 mile) ; turn right onto Amy Lane.

2E is missing the last line of directions:

7 th Ave. Enter the back yard thru gate in the side yard.




Pond tour maps may also be purchased directly from MPKS. Please call (312) 409-2081 to place your order with a credit card.

Pond Tour maps are available at:

Internetemail: pondtour@mpks.orgemail
Club mailboxMidwest Pond & Koi SocietyP O Box 3011Lisle312-409-2081
SouthSaunoris6000 111th StreetChicago Ridge708-422-7272
SouthAlsip Home & Nursery20601 S. LaGrange RdFrankfort815-469-2008
SouthTouch of Green12720 W. 159th St.Homer Glen708-301-2090
NorthPlatt Hill Nursery222 W. Lake StBloomingdale630-529-9394
NorthPlatt Hill Nursery2400 RandallCarpentersville847-428-6767
NorthLurvey's Garden Center2550 Dempster St.Des Plaines847-824-7411
NorthWild Birds Unlimited1460 Waukegan Rd.Glenview
NorthPesche's Garden Center170 S. River RdDes Plaines847-299-1300
NorthKoi & More Pond Shop3150 Skokie Valley Rd #10Highland Park847-432-7393
NorthHawthorn Gardens24481 N Old McHenry RdLake Zurich847-726-0627
NorthKnupper's Nursery1801 Rand RdPalatine847-359-1080
CentralMcAdams Nursery & Garden Center2001 Des PlainesForest Park708-771-4903
CentralHidden Gardens16 W. 658 S. Frontage Rd.Hinsdale630-655-8283
CentralOak Park Nat Pet & Fish23 N. HarlemOak Park708-660-9500
CentralGood Earth7900 W Madison StRiver Forest708-366-9500
WestThe Growing Place2000 Montgomery RdAurora630-820-8088
WestWhite Water Filters23 N Water St.Batavia630-406-9330
WestWannemaker's1940 Ogden Ave.Downers Grove630-852-0700
WestStone Center Inc.2127 Ogden Ave.Lisle630-971-2060
WestWild Birds Unlimited1601 Ogden Ave.Lisle630-968-6332
WestDog Patch Pet & Feed1108 E. Ogden Ave.Naperville630-420-2120
WestPet Supplies Plus720 Ogden Ave.Naperville630-904-2100
WestThe Growing Place25W471 Plank Rd.Naperville630-355-4000
WestHeinz Bros. Greenhouse2010 E. Main St (Rt. 64)St. Charles630-377-6288
WestWasco Nursery & Garden Center41W781 Il Rt. 64St. Charles630-584-4424
WestPlanters Palette28W571 Roosvelt Rd.Winfield630-293-1040

Sample towns within region: (not guaranteed)

South – Burr Ridge, Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park, Orland Park, Tinley Park, Homer Glen, Lockport, Lemont.

North/Northwest – Northbrook, Glenview, Mt. Prospect, Roselle, Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Kildeer, Barrington, West Dundee, Elgin, Streamwood.

Central – Lombard, Addison, Villa Park, River Forest, Oak Park, Riverside, Brookfield, Western Springs, Willowbrook.

Southwest/West – Berwyn, Brookfield, Lisle, Downers Grove, Bolingbrook, Plainfield, Naperville

Pond Tour Dates 2016–2019

Pond tour dates rotate every year. Here is the tentative schedule for the next four years:
First Weekend2016201720182019
Second Weekend2016201720182019