Order bulbs from De Vroomen

Tulip Bulb Order for 2017 is due August 15th.

Note: The 2017 catalog will be listed here by July 1st.

MPKS is placing a special club order with DeVroomen for tulips, etc. To be part of this club order, the following information should be sent via mail or email to ccebulski@comcast.net.

TulipsFor your order, please include

Your name and phone number.

For each item, please list:

Quantity, part number, description, and price, or you can download the order form, fill it out, and send it to Charlene.


Depending on the volume of the order, the club may receive a discount. The bulbs will be shipped to MPKS during the month of September.

You may view the catalog online here . The pricing information is in the orderform pdf file. The quantity listed is how many bulbs are in the package. Only whole packages may be ordered. MPKS is not splitting packages.