Koi Auction

MPKS 2019 Koi Auction and Silent Auction of Pond-related Supplies

Date:               Saturday, May 18, 2019
Location:        The Growing Place, 2000 Montgomery Rd, Aurora IL    (directions)
Time:              Check-in of fish and pond-related supplies:  12 noon to 12:30 pm (No late comers please)
Preview of fish and pond-related supplies:   12:30 to 12:50 pm
Start of Auction:  1:00 pm
Whether you are buying or selling, we hope to see you there!

Check-out for both auctions is held after the last fish is auctioned (generally one to two hours after the start of the auction). No early checkouts are allowed. Payments are made by cash or credit cards only. The rules for both the fish and silent auction are listed below.

Fish Auction Rules:

  1. Anyone may bid on fish, but sellers must be Club members. You may join the Club at the auction prior to fish inspection. (Professional dealers with store stock may not sell.)
  2. Please stop feeding your sale fish a week before the auction. They will not be hurt by fasting, travel better on an empty stomach, and will not excrete waste in the plastic bag allowing for better viewing of the fish for sale.
  3. All fish must be free of any appearance of damage or disease. A Club expert will examine every fish at sign-in.  Any fish that does not pass examination will not be auctioned. The seller may agree to sell the fish to a buyer without going through the auction, if the buyer is willing to accept the risk.
  4. All fish should be double bagged in 3 to 4 mils thick clear plastic bags. Seal both bags using thick rubber bands. Use oxygen when possible. Helpful information can be found in the Snag ‘em, Bag ’em and Drag ‘em article on our website – MPKS.org. Bags will also be available for sale at the Club’s April and May Meetings.

Silent Auction of Pond-related Items Rules:

  1. All silent auction items must be pond-related and in clean, usable, working condition. Plants are not permissible. Fish will be entered in the voice auction only. If no bids are received the person bringing the item is responsible for removing it from the Auction site.
  2. Items brought for auction will be checked in with auction staff for entry on a bid sheet. No direct sales please. A minimum bid will be entered on each bid sheet, along with a very brief description of the item or items.
  3. Bids may be written on the sheets from the time they are displayed until the fish mid-auction break ends, signaling the end of the silent auction. The high bid on the sheet at that time wins the auction. Payment will be made to MPKS staff at check-out, and the person bringing the item to be auctioned will be paid by check after the auction accounts have been finalized.
  4. Your bid on a sheet implies a contract to purchase. Please do not scratch out or attempt to erase a bid.
  5. Up-bids are to be made in a minimum one-dollar increment unless a larger minimum amount is indicated on the bid sheet.

There are no exceptions to the above Auction rules.
Any disputes will be reviewed and the decision of the Auction staff is final.
The proceeds of the sale of fish and pond-related items are split – 25% to MPKS and 75% to the seller.
Bringing in your own food and non-alcoholic beverages to the Auction is permissible.
MPKS cannot be held responsible for any problems occurring with fish or items purchased from the Auction.

Helpful Hints for Buyers of Fish

  • Bring large cardboard boxes or picnic coolers to transport your new fish home with you.
  • If the weather is hot, consider wrapping a freezer pack in a towel and putting it in the bottom of the box.
  • To prevent injury, align your fish so they travel facing the sides of your car, not the front or back.
  • Float your fish in your quarantine area until the water in the bag is the same temperature as the water outside. This usually takes about twenty minutes. Don’t try to speed up this process by adding any additional water to the bag.
  • For further information on the quarantine process, please refer to the hand-out at the Auction (this information is also found at MPKS.org in the article, (Quarantining Your New Koi).