Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

This year the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was held Sunday December 2nd at The Reserve 22 in Glen Ellyn. This dinner is to thank all the volunteers who donated at least 8 hours of work or were on the Pond Tour. All of these volunteers helped make the MPKS functions throughout the 2018 year a success.

Volunteers worked at the Spring Auction, the Tosai Auction, the MPKS table at garden centers, and the Koi and Trade Show. Also, the many members who were on the July Pond Tour.

Each family attending the dinner received a thank you gift which was a free-standing stained-glass koi made by Beth Schoen. Beth made the major koi types – Kohaku, Showa, Sanke, or Shiro Utsuri and each one was unique.

Thank you, Beth. The koi fish were beautiful and a big hit with our dinner attendees. Beth is located in Michigan and can be found on the internet at BethsAbode.

Reserve 22 Dining Room

Free standing stain glass koi fish. This was the thank you for all the volunteers who attended the Dec 2nd dinner.