Board Members and Event Contacts

Listed below are folks you should know
(or will soon need to know)!  Here’s how to contact them:

President –Ed Buck
Vice President  – Robert Passovoy
Communicating/Recording Secretary – Charlene Cebulski
Treasurer – Rhonda Mucerino
Exec. Com. Chair – Pat Hall

Greg Messier
Ray Cebulski
John Hall
Charles Ide
John Norton
Bob Ray
Linda Ray
Bruce Zierk

Event Chairs
Annual Bowling Night Bob Ray (, Ray Cebluski (
Tosai Auction John Hall (
Spring Auction Linda Ray (
Pond Tour Charlene Cebulski (
Trade Show Bruce Zierk (
Koi Show John Hall (

Koi Health Advisors
Bry Bateman
Bob Passovoy
Librarian – Pam Ragsdale
Advertising Contact  – Charlene Cebulski
Web Master – Ray Cebulski