Board Members and Event Contacts

Listed below are folks you should know
(or will soon need to know)!

About MPKS

MPKS is a not for profit, hobbyist organization whose members share a common interest in koi (Japanese colored carp), goldfish, water gardens and backyard ponds. Our members reside mostly in Chicago and surrounding counties as well as Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Missouri.

MPKS PO Box 3011 Lisle, IL 60532
Voice Mail: (312) 409-2081

President –Ed Buck
Vice President  – Robert Passovoy
Communicating/Recording Secretary – Charlene Cebulski
Treasurer – Sherry Messler
Exec. Com. Chair – Pat Hall

Greg Messler
Ray Cebulski
John Hall
John Norton
Bob Ray
Linda Ray
Greg Rekar
Bruce Zierk

Event Chairs
Annual Bowling Bob Ray   Ray Cebluski
Tosai Auction John Hall
Spring Auction Linda Ray
Pond Tour Charlene Cebulski
Trade Show Bruce Zierk
Koi Show John Hall

Koi Health Advisors
Bry Bateman
Bob Passovoy
Librarian – Pam Ragsdale
Advertising Contact  – Charlene Cebulski
Web Master – Ray Cebulski