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2020 Election Results

2020 Election Results

The annual election for Officers and Board Directors was held via email, mail, and phone.

The following MPKS members were elected to the position listed and will serve a two year term.

Vice President:  Linda Ray

Treasurer: Deb Ebenroth

Directors: Bob Ray, Ray Cebulski, Jerry Ebenroth, and Sherry Messler. Greg Rekar will fill Linda’s director position.


Rehoming Fish and Equipment

The following information is to rehome fish and equipment.

This page was last updated 3/02/21

Posted 3/02/21

4 koi free to a good home. The koi are a Kohaku, Sanke, Utsuri, and a Bekko. They are 5 to 10 inches in size.  Currently located in Lake County IL.

Contact Brittany at for more information and pictures of fish.

Posted 2/11/21

One female long fin and 2 males  for sale.  Let me know ASAP they are in my basement holding tank ready for pickup any time after 4/1/2021.

Email Terry at for more info.

Posted 12/22/20

We are looking for a good home for 2 Koi and 1 Pleco. We took them in when a friend was moving. They’ve gotten so big and really need a huge tank or an outside Koi pond. My husband looked up their coloring so going off that we believe the 1 is an 18″ Kanoko Sanke and the other is an 18″ Orange Butterfly, slight black down the back. The Pleco is 10″. If someone is interested and has an outdoor pond we can hold on to them til Spring.  (Barbara has pictures of the fish.)

Please email me if interested.   Barbara Hanus

Posted 11/29/20

We have pond equipment for sale. Please contact Terry at

Koi net – 22” round with 6’ handle – $10
Koi net – 22” round with 4’ to 7.5’ handle – $10
Fish net – 12” x 16” no handle – $5
Koi sock – 10” round by 4’ long- $10
Air pumps – Altia AL-40 linear – $30 &/or 3 small – $5 each
Fish feeder – Fishmate P7000 – never used – $25
Underwater camera (Sony optics) with IR LEDs – $40
Pond heater – 300 watt aluminum with LED indicator – $30
Pond netting – 1/8” mesh, heavy duty, grommets every 2 feet
– Two 8’ x 10’ – $20 each
– Two 12’ x 19’ – $40 each
Winter floating platforms – helps to keep water open & view koi
– Small – 4’ x 4’ base with 2’ x 2’ plexiglass tent opening – $25
– Large – 4’ x 7’ base with 2’ x 5’ plexiglass tent opening – $50
3 underwater 12V LED lights 6W (=50W halogen) – $15 each
Booster pump (Walrus TQ400) – to power garden hose – $90
Fake boulder (23” x 18” x 24” high) to hide pump above – $5
Skimmer cover (24” x 19”) – $5

Posted 11/29/20

Neighbor needs to rehome all his outdoor fish. Free. He’s battling cancer so I am doing this contact for him.

Northland (Kansas City, MO). Please email Laura at

Posted 10/8/20

Here is a listing of the equipment for sale.  Contact me through email at  Kevin has pictures of the items.

9 inch Matala Air Disk (have 3) $15 each
Sea Cam underwater camera to view koi.  $50
Delta EP-20 UV Light.  (Have 2).  $125 each
21 inch diameter x. 12 inch deep blue show bowl.   $20
19 inch diameter x 7 inch deep blue show bowl.   $15
Underwater pond light.   $15
Sentry 75 watt UV Light   $60
Sentry small UV Light.  $25
Variable speed pump 3HP Max. (Requires 220V electric line).  $250
Koi Cafe wooden feeder.   $25
Air Tech diaphragm kit AT80. (have 2).   $15

Posted 10/ 4/20

I have some 2-3-year-old, 8-10 inch standard red, white & black Koi that need a caring new pond & owner.  I have a 900-gal pond that is not large enough to keep all of my fish.  I have had a successful pond for over 15 years and have much larger fish also.  I winter them in a 150-gal tank that is well aerated and filtered, in my garage.

Please let me know if you are interested in Koi for your pond.

Lynne Ciaccio     224-622-2288

Posted 10/11/20

We just moved to Elmhurst and the property we purchased has a very large Koi pond containing hundreds of Koi fish. The original Koi reproduced, and our pond now contains Koi of all sizes, and the new Koi are growing at a rapid rate! There is an endless variety of markings/colorings (the turquoise with black spots and the all black are my personal favorites, but they are all beautiful). . They are very hard to catch, so if anyone has the proper experience/equipment, that would be great!

Please contact Austin at with any inquiries. Thank you!

Posted 10/29/20

There are 8 koi and they have been housed in a pond outdoors.  I raised them since they were 3 1/2 inches long.  They are a little over 6 years old and about 19+ inches long.  I just need a good home for them, as we are moving out of state on 12/5.

Please contact Manny at 847-736-9535.


Note: These postings are not limited to MPKS members. They may come from the general public. MPKS is not liable for the end results of accepting any fish or equipment from this listing. MPKS does not have any knowledge about these items or conditions of these items.

Upcoming October 2020 Election

The following positions on the MPKS board are up for election this Oct 2020.

Vice-President     Treasurer     Director     Director    Director   Director

Because of the Corona virus, nominations will be accepted via email or phone. The ballot will be published in the MPKS Sept/Oct newsletter and posted on the MPKS web site. Since there is no October meeting, ballots will be accepted via email, club voice mail, or mailed to MPKS, P O Box 3011, Lisle IL 60532.

All nominations and votes are confidential.


Volunteer of the Year 2019

Once a year the MPKS Officers and Board of Directors host a dinner to thank all the wonderful MPKS members who volunteered during the year at various club functions.

The 2019 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was held Sunday December 6th at Clara’s Restaurant in Woodridge IL. This dinner is to thank all the volunteers who donated at least 8 hours of work or were on the Pond Tour.

After dinner, our MPKS president Ed Buck thanked all the attendees and had the privilege of announcing the Volunteer of the Year. The 2019 recipient of this honor was Kelly Walters.

Congratulations Kelly!

Kelly Walters and Ed Buck.

MPKS Bulb Order

Tulip Bulb Order

It’s time to order for 2019. All orders need to be received by September 20th.

MPKS is able to place a special club order with DeVroomen for tulips, etc. To be part of this club order, the following information should be sent via mail or email to

TulipsFor your order, please include

Your name and phone number.

For each item, please list:

Quantity, part number, description, and price, or you can fill out the  OrderForm2019,  and send it to Charlene.


Depending on the volume of the club order, the club may receive a discount. The bulbs will be shipped to MPKS during the month of September.

You may view the catalog online at DeVroomen Landscape Contractors . The pricing information is in the order form . The quantity listed is how many bulbs are in the package. Only whole packages may be ordered. MPKS is not splitting packages.

2019 MPKS Picnic

The annual club picnic was held Sunday, August 25th at Andrew Toman Grove in Riverside. Our picnic site had a pavilion with picnic tables. We had a nice piece of park reserved, to accommodate games, and to just relax with koi friends.We grilled assorted sausages and those who attended brought delicious side dishes and lots of home made desserts.

If you couldn’t make it this year, maybe you can join us next year.

Road Trip to Kloubec Koi Farm

Road Trip to Kloubec Koi Farm

Myron and Ellen Kloubec have extended an invitation to MPKS to visit their facility on Saturday August 10th. The agenda for the day follows:


Check in at Noon, farm tour, koi purchasing, and mud-pond grow out opportunity.

The dinner plans for Saturday evening is a dinner at the Kloubec farm. The menu is Swiss Steak and Salmon with side dishes and starts at 7:00 PM. The dinner cost is $25.00 per person. Please BYOB for the evening.


A 9:00 AM brunch at the Cedar Ridge Winery, 1441 Marak Rd NW, Swisher IA, for $19.99. Any koi purchases may be picked up following the brunch.

The driving trip is about 3 to 3-1/2 hours from the Naperville/Lisle area. The Amana Colonies are close by for shops and restaurants.

For those who want to spend the night, there is a block of rooms at the Comfort Inn & Suites at Cedar Rapids Airport. The hotel information is 710 America Drive, SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404, 319-632-2000. The block will be held until August 3rd under MPKS and the rate is $99 plus tax.

Please make your own hotel reservations.

Please RSVP if you plan on attending to or call the MPKS voicemail (312) 409-2081 by Sunday August 4th. Also indicate if you are joining us for the dinner and/or brunch.

Hope you can join us!

Sponsor a 2019 Koi Show Award

Participate in the MPKS 2019 Koi Show by sponsoring an award. Attached is the current list of awards still needing a sponsor.

If you would like to sponsor an award, please contact John Hall at


2019 MPKS Tosai Auction

Announcing the 2019 MPKS Tosai Auction

The MPKS Tosai Auction will be held on Saturday June 1st. Viewing of the fish begins at Noon and the auction starts at 1:00 PM. This popular members-only event will once again be hosted by John and Pat Hall  at their home in Plainfield IL.  Their address will be posted to members through the MPKS email blast.

This years’ collection is promising to be one of our best yet, featuring a selection of  beautiful Koi from the Kloubec Koi Farm in Amana Iowa. With 60 koi to choose from, there should be something for everyone. (Payment by cash or credit card.)

Our club Vice-President, Dr. Bob Passovoy, an accomplished amateur auctioneer, will be presiding over the festivities. A complimentary light lunch will be served at the auction. It is sure to be an educational as well as an enjoyable afternoon.

We hope to see you there!

(Not a member? You can join right at the event! Please come!)



Tosai 2019

What is a Tosai? A one-year-old Koi
Who can bid? MPKS members
Can I become a MPKS member at the event? YES! This is a perfect time to join us.
Will I need to bring my own bags or oxygen? MPKS will supply the bags and oxygen to get your new babies home.
Will I need to quarantine the fish? The answer is always–you should quarantine any fish or plant new to your system. Your system and your mix of bugs is unique from any other.

Announcing the 2019 Koi and Trade Show


We are proud to announce our 27th Annual show to be held over the weekend of June 21 – 23, 2019. We will be hosting our show at The Max Athletic & Exposition, 4750 S. Vernon Ave., McCook, IL 60525. It is an air-conditioned facility with plenty of room for show vats and vendor booths. If you have never shown fish before, or are a veteran koi show participant, we hope you will consider showing your koi this year. Dr. Passovoy and his water quality team (fondly referred to as the “water mopes”) will be assuring the best care of your koi while at our show, as they have done for many years now.

We will, once again, be presenting a program of speakers and topics of general interest to koi hobbyists. Topics and schedules will soon be published on our website, as well as in our upcoming newsletter.

Again this year we will be presenting – Three Major Non-Gosanke Awards: The Sakura, Tsubaki, and Botan plus two new major Non-Gosanke Awards – Mature Champion B and Young Champion B. We will also have an award for best Doitsu. (A & B are eligible) Excludes Shusui,Kumonryu,ect.

Koi Show entry forms, banquet reservation, hotel accommodations, show schedule show rules, and other important information is posted here. If you have further questions, please contact our Koi Show Chairman, John Hall (email:

We will, of course, need lots of volunteers to help with the show this year! We’ll be hiring part-time help to set up and break down vats – always a most difficult job – but will need lots of help with vendor booth set up, traffic control, filling the show vats, club table, show tear-down, etc. We are also asking for a few night-owls who would be willing to baby-sit the koi after the show closes until about 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.

We will have volunteer sign-up sheets available at the April and May dinner meeting, but you don’t have to wait until then to sign up. If you can help this year, please email to what days your might be available to help. Please see the volunteer schedule elsewhere on this website for the times and duties.

We hope to see you at the show!