Rehoming Fish and Equipment

The following information is to rehome fish and equipment.

This page was last updated 10/30/22


Posted 10/30/22

I have  12” long fin matsuba black &white scales in a basement holding tank! If anyone near Naperville would like him , it’s yours n/c ,if you pick him up .

Email me and I will email a picture,


Posted 10/27/22

I have a lot of uv lights and equipment that I would give away as I no longer use it.

Anyone interested can contact me at


Posted 10/03/22

I have roughly 20 baby goldfish born last year about 2-3 inches long that I would like to give to a new home.

If interested, please contact me at

Quin,  Downers Grove, IL



Posted 09/30/22

I have 5 koi fish that I need to re-home as soon  as possible. I have one white with red on it’s head.

One that is yellowish and three orange koi.

Located in Glenview. Contact Judy at


Posted 09/30/22

I own 4 large koi 15 to 20 inches one is butterfly , I am moving to a new location and would like to find a place to board them for the winter north of Chicago Illinois . I may consider selling them for a fair price .I have them in a 250 gallon tank in very good condition . Any help will be very appreciated.



Posted 08/19/22

Located in NW suburbs\Schaumburg,IL
HEALTHY BABY KOI to a GOOD home – 10 to 13 fish, 2 to 4″ long, red, black & white
Price Negotiable! – Contact LYNN at:


Posted 08/5/22

Located in Chicago.

15 large Koi 14-18 inches long.

Also comet goldfish (15)

Contact Jesse at


Posted 07/15/22

Aquascape Mushroom fountain  $250.00

Hoop House for winterizing your pond during the winter months  $500.00

Aquascape Signature Series 6000 BioFalls filter mats, Media net and filter mat tray  $60.00

Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II 6000 filter $900.

Please call Don 708-259-1920


Posted 07/07/22

Looking to give away to a good home goldfish that are 5-6 inches long.

Most of the fish are white and some are orange.

Near west suburb.

Please call Cathy at (708) 655-3483.


Posted 06/04/22

We are closing our pond and have koi and pond items.
Our home is in Robertsville Mo, was wondering if anyone in your group would be interested.

Thank you!


Posted 04/27/22

We are closing our pond and have koi and pond items.
Our home is in Robertsville Mo. Please email or call if you are interested.

Peggy      call or text  314-808-6186  email


Posted 04/25/22

I’ve got about 5-8 goldfish in my pond that I would like to re-home. We have a 1000 gal pond, and most of the fish I’d like to re-home are about the size of an average adult hand….some a little bigger.  I live on the north side of Chicago, near Park Ridge.

Please use my email for contact:


Posted 04/16/22

We have an unused Vista Clear { brand } fiber glass koi tank with water filtration system that we would like to sell.

Length: 5ft 5 1/2 ”    Width: 3ft. 6″   Depth: 2ft

Price – $350.00 OBO

Contact Ed at


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