Rehoming Fish and Equipment

The following information is to rehome fish and equipment.

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Posted 10/27/21

I live in Beloit.   I have a 250 gallon pond in my backyard.  In the pond I have 5 fish, 3 Koi and 2 goldfish.  Up until this year I overwintered my fish in 65 gallon tank in my basement.  Two of the fish have grown so much this year that I fear my tank will not be big enough and the pond is not deep enough.  It freezes to the bottom in extreme cold.  If you know someone who might want two foot long koi and 1 footlong goldfish please let me know.  Thank you.  David  <>

Posted 10/27/21

We have too many fish. I would give away (for free) about 20 koi, between 1 foot up to close to 2 feet. They are not exactly beauties but healthy and nice to look at. If anyone is interested, please contact Hans at

Posted 9/26/21

Three koi available immediately to a good home.   Bags and oxygen will be supplied for shipping, but please bring your own box for transport.

Kin Kikokuryu    3 years old     14″     probably male  (doitsu metallic koi with red, black, and white pattern)

Karasu goi         5 years old     14″     probably female  (all black koi)

Gin Matsuba      3 years old     16″    female body but possibly male  (metallic white koi with black scale reticulation)

If interested, contact Bryan Bateman at


Posted 9/26/21

We have a koi pond in the backyard in Glen Ellyn with 5 large koi fish, about 15 years old. We will be removing the pond — and we want to find a good home for the fish!  We also would be interested in selling the pond and waterfall equipment. If interested contact Jennifer at 773-332-4858 or


Posted 9/15/21

Looking for a good home for  a 24″ to 30″  white and orange adult koi .

The fish was left in a pond on the zoo’s property.

Contact Harry Adams by email at


Posted 8/30/21

Hello! I have koi ponds and while cleaning them out regularly, I noticed several babies. I do not want to overcrowd my ponds. I am in the  Sussex WI area and want to rehome them. Not sure if they are 100% koi, as we have koi and other fish in our ponds. They are just lil black fish at this point.



Posted 8/15/21

PerformancePro Artesian 2 pump

Model A2-3/4-HF-C $400.00



Posted 6/14/21

Aquascape AquaBasin 30 – part #78223.  $125.00

Aquascape Giant Mushroom Fountain $300.00

2 – Aquascape Signature Biofalls 6000 filter pads with 3 rock bags and support black rack. $25.00

2 – Floating Water Hyancinth / Lettuce plant protector island $15.00

Contact Don 708-259-1920


Posted 6/04/21

I’m looking for a good home for my 12 healthy larger adult koi and 2-3 adult goldfish. Also have pumps skimmer boxes , bio filter/ waterfall, and a Aqua ultraviolet 3, 40 watt uv light with a whiskey barrel bio/ filter and the pumps to go with it  the pump  are for a 2” tubing with two new pumps still in the boxes for back up pumps the Pumps that we have is for a 2000 gallon pond and the tubing is 2” the pumps are tidal wave pumps modal #A21 Plus there is a airate for the winter it is a Matala rocking piston Compressor Modal #MPC60C1 with the hoses plus new hoses still in the box new  My name Daryl  Phone #708-935-4639  Email is I can send video or pictures if any one would like.  We are going to be moving and can not Take them with us


Posted 6/03/21

Closing pond. Have 13 mature Koi mixed coloring, patterns and sizes. Fish are approximately 24 inches plus. Contact e-mail or 630-858-2274. If I miss your call you can leave a message.


Posted 5/18/21

Rehoming mixed color goldfish (white and white & orange). They are 4-5 inches long.

Near west suburb.

Please call Cathy at 708-655-3483.


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