Rehoming Fish and Equipment

The following information is to rehome fish and equipment.

This page was last updated 2/11/21

Posted 2/11/21

One female long fin and 2 males  for sale.  Let me know ASAP they are in my basement holding tank ready for pickup any time after 4/1/2021.

Email Terry at for more info.

Posted 12/22/20

We are looking for a good home for 2 Koi and 1 Pleco. We took them in when a friend was moving. They’ve gotten so big and really need a huge tank or an outside Koi pond. My husband looked up their coloring so going off that we believe the 1 is an 18″ Kanoko Sanke and the other is an 18″ Orange Butterfly, slight black down the back. The Pleco is 10″. If someone is interested and has an outdoor pond we can hold on to them til Spring.  (Barbara has pictures of the fish.)

Please email me if interested.   Barbara Hanus

Posted 11/29/20

We have pond equipment for sale. Please contact Terry at

Koi net – 22” round with 6’ handle – $10
Koi net – 22” round with 4’ to 7.5’ handle – $10
Fish net – 12” x 16” no handle – $5
Koi sock – 10” round by 4’ long- $10
Air pumps – Altia AL-40 linear – $30 &/or 3 small – $5 each
Fish feeder – Fishmate P7000 – never used – $25
Underwater camera (Sony optics) with IR LEDs – $40
Pond heater – 300 watt aluminum with LED indicator – $30
Pond netting – 1/8” mesh, heavy duty, grommets every 2 feet
– Two 8’ x 10’ – $20 each
– Two 12’ x 19’ – $40 each
Winter floating platforms – helps to keep water open & view koi
– Small – 4’ x 4’ base with 2’ x 2’ plexiglass tent opening – $25
– Large – 4’ x 7’ base with 2’ x 5’ plexiglass tent opening – $50
3 underwater 12V LED lights 6W (=50W halogen) – $15 each
Booster pump (Walrus TQ400) – to power garden hose – $90
Fake boulder (23” x 18” x 24” high) to hide pump above – $5
Skimmer cover (24” x 19”) – $5

Posted 11/29/20

Neighbor needs to rehome all his outdoor fish. Free. He’s battling cancer so I am doing this contact for him.

Northland (Kansas City, MO). Please email Laura at

Posted 10/8/20

Here is a listing of the equipment for sale.  Contact me through email at  Kevin has pictures of the items.

9 inch Matala Air Disk (have 3) $15 each
Sea Cam underwater camera to view koi.  $50
Delta EP-20 UV Light.  (Have 2).  $125 each
21 inch diameter x. 12 inch deep blue show bowl.   $20
19 inch diameter x 7 inch deep blue show bowl.   $15
Underwater pond light.   $15
Sentry 75 watt UV Light   $60
Sentry small UV Light.  $25
Variable speed pump 3HP Max. (Requires 220V electric line).  $250
Koi Cafe wooden feeder.   $25
Air Tech diaphragm kit AT80. (have 2).   $15

Posted 10/ 4/20

I have some 2-3-year-old, 8-10 inch standard red, white & black Koi that need a caring new pond & owner.  I have a 900-gal pond that is not large enough to keep all of my fish.  I have had a successful pond for over 15 years and have much larger fish also.  I winter them in a 150-gal tank that is well aerated and filtered, in my garage.

Please let me know if you are interested in Koi for your pond.

Lynne Ciaccio     224-622-2288

Posted 10/11/20

We just moved to Elmhurst and the property we purchased has a very large Koi pond containing hundreds of Koi fish. The original Koi reproduced, and our pond now contains Koi of all sizes, and the new Koi are growing at a rapid rate! There is an endless variety of markings/colorings (the turquoise with black spots and the all black are my personal favorites, but they are all beautiful). . They are very hard to catch, so if anyone has the proper experience/equipment, that would be great!

Please contact Austin at with any inquiries. Thank you!

Posted 10/29/20

There are 8 koi and they have been housed in a pond outdoors.  I raised them since they were 3 1/2 inches long.  They are a little over 6 years old and about 19+ inches long.  I just need a good home for them, as we are moving out of state on 12/5.

Please contact Manny at 847-736-9535.


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