Rehoming Fish and Equipment

The following information is to rehome fish and equipment.

Posted 8/14/20

For those with an existing good fish habitat, I am sharing 15-17 Sarasa Comet goldfish for no charge.  There are various sizes and colors to choose from—orange, orange/white, black, black/orange, white. They vary in size from a half inch to 8-9 inches in length.  The majority are around 3-4 inches. These fish are well cared for, healthy and hardy. If interested, please email Linda Kautz at

Posted 8/17/20

I have 5 large koi that I have raised for around 13 yrs or so -they are probably around 15 yrs old or so. I have been keeping them in my indoor pond which is around 1000gl.  There are also numerous goldfish as well white and mixed. They are also old as well. All are very healthy –they have had a good life and no new fish have ever been introduced to the pond.  Contact me at 262-673-9330 or

Posted 9/8/20

I have a very large and established koi pond that is overstocked at the moment due to the growth and size of the koi. I am looking to re-home several fish.  The fish are healthy and happy and range in size from Approximately 15-20+ inches.   I have photos and prices in mind but will consider reasonable offers. Please contact me for more information.  (262) 497-2576

Posted 9/8/20

I have Koi that are 15 years old. I am the sole owner. Flew to Nigata Japan and hand picked out of mud ponds. Each $300. Have 5 of them. Come and look at them. They are amazing. Never had disease or any problems. 563-552-2095 Durango, Iowa outside Dubuque.

Posted 9/8/20

Here is a listing of the equipment for sale.  Contact me through email at  Kevin has pictures of the items.

9 inch Matala Air Disk (have 3) $15 each
Sea Cam underwater camera to view koi.  $50
Delta EP-20 UV Light.  (Have 2).  $125 each
21 inch diameter x. 12 inch deep blue show bowl.   $20
19 inch diameter x 7 inch deep blue show bowl.   $15
Underwater pond light.   $15
Sentry 75 watt UV Light   $60
Sentry small UV Light.  $25
Variable speed pump 3HP Max. (Requires 220V electric line).  $250
Koi Cafe wooden feeder.   $25
Air Tech diaphragm kit AT80. (have 2).   $15

Posted 9/9/20

I’m looking for a possible market to sell my Butterfly Koi (Speck) and my regular Koi. Speck is about 12 inches and Whitey is about 6-7 inches. I bought them as babies maybe 1-2 inches long. Ive raised them for 2 years and I’m running out of room. Contact by email

Posted 9/10/20

We are looking to re-home several large gold fish from a koi pond. The owner is unable to care for them any longer. These are healthy fish free to a good home. Please contact Grace at

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