Rehoming Fish and Equipment

The following information is to rehome fish and equipment.

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Posted 06/01/24

There are about 15 fish.  Most are 6-8”, and one is a little bigger, and black with an orange belly.  They are offspring of Koi and goldfish, and mostly dark, with orange, or yellow markings.  There’s a smaller black one with white on the fins.  Just bringing down the population a bit.  Free to good homes!
Contact Robert at

Posted 06/01/24

I have 3 koi fish approximately 4 inches.  They are free to a good home.

Please contact Celeste at  312-636-9245.

Posted 04/19/24

About 8 Koi ranging from 6 to 14 inches.
Contact Greg  630-724-7551

Posted  04/19/24

Hello Koi Lovers!
My daughter is moving to a home in Campton Hills (St. Charles area.). The
home has a koi pond in their back yard.  The former owns moved out and left
them the koi.  Currently all the koi are kept in a big pool in one of the
garages for the winter.  They are varied colors and sizes.
She does not want the koi.

If you are interested, please call Susan at 630-878-6003 or email me


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