2018 Award Sponsorships for Koi Show


We would greatly appreciate you considering sponsoring an award for our show this year. If your business would like to help, you will be recognized on our popular website, mpks.org and well as in our newsletter, which is read by over 250 member families.

For your consideration, we have attached a list of awards we will be presenting at this year’s competition, along with the cost of sponsoring each trophy, award or plaque. It is our hope that you will consider sponsoring one or more of these high-quality awards. Once again, we wish to thank you for your consideration, and we hope to see you at the show!


Grand Champion—$175     Reserve Grand Champion—$150     Grand Champion ‘B’—$150

Sakura Group Champion—$100       Tsubaki Group Champion—$100      Boton Group Champion—$100

Mature Champion—$100  Mature Champion ‘B’—$100            Young Champion—$100    Young Champion ‘B’—$100

Baby Champion—$100       Baby Champion ‘B’—$100                 Best Doitsu—$75                 Jumbo —$75

Most Unique Koi—$50

Best in size 7 (over 28”)—$75           Best in size 6 (24” to 28”)—$75        Best in size 5 (20” to 24”)—$75

Best in size 4 (16” to 20”)—$75        Best in size 3 (12” to 16”)—$75        Best in size 2 (8” to 12”)—$75

Best in size 1 (under 8”)—$75

Best in Variety

Best in variety awards are presented to the winner of each of 14 classes. Sponsorship of any of the following Best in Variety awards is $30 each, or four for $100.

Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Bekko, Utsuri, Asagi/Shusui, Koromo/Goshiki, Tancho, Kawarimono, Hikari Muji, Hikari Moyo, GinRin A (Gosanke), GinRin B(Non Gosanke), and Longfin.

Yes, I (we) would like to sponsor the following award(s):

_______________________________________________________________at a cost of _________________________

If you are reserving a show vat or registering for the banquet, please feel free to use the 2018 Banquet & Show registration form for Award Sponsorships also.

Your Name and Address:





You may mail your check, payable to MPKS, along with this form to the address below.

Rhonda Mucerino

1106 E. Lowden Ave.

Wheaton, IL.  60189


Any questions about awards contact: John Hall – email: john@mpks.org or phone: 815-592-6952